2s class

Welcome to our 2’s!

Two-year old children are invited to sign up for our two day a week class held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This class is designed to help our youngest students adjust to the preschool classroom. Independence and social skills are a large component to this classroom. The two-year old classes will participate in all of our school programs as well as music class every other week. They will also participate in Chapel once a month with the St. Mark’s UMC Pastor. Potty training is not required for the two’s, however it will be introduced. If the child is staring to train at home the teachers will continue with the same routine at preschool. You will receive a phone call home in the fall from the teachers to discuss how your child is adapting to preschool. You will also receive monthly calendars and newsletters.

2 Year Old Objectives:

Social and Emotional Skills include: Learn to separate easily from parents, be able to function well within a group, problem solve, sit and pay attention to age-appropriate stories, learn to communicate needs and wants, share and take turns, learn to follow routines and directions (circle time, hand washing, dismissal etc.), gain independence in self-help and personal care.

Math Concepts include: Introduce one-to-one correspondence, early shape recognition (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle), beginning counting 1-10, as well as ordering objects by size and sorting objects.

Cognitive and Language Concepts include: Learn to identify their first name when called, proper hold and care of books, identify different colors, use of language to express thoughts and ideas, developing listening skills through story time, and begin to recognize different letter sounds.

Scientific Concepts include: Observation and asking questions, using tools to develop critical thinking and improve sensory integration, prediction, become aware of surroundings and environment through exploration, notice seasonal changes, learn about good nutrition and dental health.

Social Studies Concepts include: Learn about families and customs, exposure to community helpers and recognize the American flag.

Creative Arts: Experiment with a variety of art mediums. Be able to express their imagination and creativity as well as act out familiar stories and songs and do rhythmic activities.

Motor Development: Gross motor- gain better coordination of movement to include running, walking up and down stairs, jumping, kicking a ball, introduction to toilet training and control. Fine Motor – scribble, draw lines and beginning shapes, (circles) string large beads and stack objects.

Sample daily class schedule:

9:30 Arrival

9:30-9:50 Free Play

9:50-10:00 Morning Circle

10:00-10:30 Playground

10:30-10:40 Story Time and Music

10:40-11:10 Wash Hands and Snack

11:10-12:10 Free Play and Art

12:10-12:20 Prepare for Dismissal

2s class