3s class

Welcome to our 3’s!

There are two options for three year old children. One is a three day class held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and the other is a two day class on Tuesday and Thursday. The three day class has the option to stay on Wednesday for our Lunch Bunch class until 2:00.

The three year old class is intended to build on the skills that the children learned in the two’s and to introduce new experiences. The class will start the year by learning such ideas as classroom rules, being able to sit during story time, correct hand washing, and how to work with others in a group setting. They will build on these skills during the year to introduce rhymes, number concepts, scissor skills, spatial understanding, pre-literacy concepts, and science and social studies ideas among others. The classes will participate in our music class provided by our Preschool music teacher as well as daily art lessons within the classroom. Every three year old class will spend at least 30 minutes outside or in our large gymnasium for recreation time. Each class will also have an enrichment period during which the teacher and the assistant will reinforce concepts that have been introduced. You will receive a phone call home in the fall with updates on their progress as well as a written evaluation at the end of the school year.

3 Year Old Objectives:

Social and Emotional Skills include: Gain independence in self- help, express themselves verbally rather than physically, separate from parents easily, problem solve, follow simple 2 step directions, follow routines: circle time, snack time, and clean up, function as part of a group: share and take turns, and begin to play with other children.

Math Concepts include: Count from 1-10 (or more), recognize shapes- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, begin number formations, sort objects by size, shape and color, match items that are the same or alike, understanding simple patterns, begin to form simple numbers and shapes, directional concepts and sizes (top, bottom, big, small etc.).

Scientific Concepts include: Increasing awareness of the environment through investigations, conducting simple experiments using water, ice, color, leaves, magnets, etc., learn and observe about animals, insects and birds, notice seasonal changes, explore the five senses, learn about dental health, healthy bodies, and personal safety.

Study of Social Studies: Study of our community and how it works together (community helpers), learn about different families, customs and cultures, development of good manners as well as the use of different types of transportation.

Motor Development: gross motor: development of balance and coordination (climb, jump, run, balance on one foot, throw/catch/kick a ball), movement along with rhyming and music, fine motor skills include: age appropriate puzzles, proper crayon/ marker hold, scissor skills, and string beads.

Creative Arts: Use imagination to play or tell stories, act out familiar songs, stories, rhymes, recite familiar songs, experiment with the use of various art mediums, and use art to show emotion.

Sample Daily Schedule:

9:30-10:15 Arrival, Art and Free Play

10:15-10:45 Enrichment and Small Group

10:45-11:00 Group Time

11:00-11:30 Snack

11:30-12:00 Playground/Gym

12:00-12:20 Group Time and Prepare for Goodbye

12:20 Dismissal

3s class